Which website does this privacy policy cover

https://mediavax.ai/ (and associated domains).

Who operates this website?


What categories of personal information does the website collect?

We collect any information you provide to us, for example by completing an online form.

We may use cookies on our website. The cookies save information about your visit, like when you visited and what you clicked on. The cookies may also save information about your computer or other device.

We may use pixels on this site. In connection with cookies, pixels identify what site content you have already seen.

What do you use this personal information for?

We and our third-party partners use this information to respond to your requests, advertise our products and services, better understand our customers, and improve our website.

With whom do you share this personal information?

We share with companies who perform services for us, or as required by law.

How can I make sure you have the right information about me?

Call us at 703-945-9508 or write to us at barbara@mediavax.ai.

How will I know if this privacy policy changes?

We will post the new one on this page.

Does your website respond to Do Not Track signals?

No. While we respect your privacy, there is no consensus on what Do Not Track means.

Do third parties collect personal information on this website?

No, unless they do so as our service provider, e.g., Google Analytics.

When is the effective date of this privacy policy?

January 28, 2020.