Protecting against fake media on social platforms

MediaVax is a machine learning solution which rapidly and accurately analyzes the credibility of social media content.

Social media fraud has escalated into a societal pandemic, due to cheap and easy access to Bots -automated fake accounts.  Research shows that coordinated actions by Botnets are highly effective at amplifying the spread of synthetic text and media.

Governments and businesses worldwide face substantial threats from fraudulent content, often created using artificial intelligence:  Deep Fake videos and “read-fakes” are difficult to identify. Until now, defense against disinformation has proven elusive, due to the massive size and diversity of data sets.

(WSJ Pro CyberSecurity Exec Forum, Dec 2019)

MediaVax is the first digital vaccine against social media disinformation




Advanced Machine

We use complex advanced machine learning techniques developed to solve some of science’s most difficult problems: detecting types of HIV viruses, and predicting virus spread.


Prediction Methods

MediaVax uses proprietary, breakthrough network science methods, developed over years of research at the Max Planck Institute of Informatics.



Our solutions have been featured in dozens of peer reviewed publications, and recognized in leading scientific journals.

The spread of malicious content on social platforms is defined by measurable features of the social networks themselves. Because it’s measurable, it’s predictable.

Algorithms now exist which make it possible to predict how botnets will spread fake content through social media.  Developed within the framework of the study of pandemics, new understanding of network behavior has had a revolutionary impact on models for the spread of disease.  Researchers can now predict with a high degree of accuracy not only the diffusion of the disease, but can suggest ways to inhibit its spread.

MediaVax applies these breakthroughs to quickly and accurately identify fraudulent media spread on social media by botnets.


We build Software as a Service (SaaS) products that quickly and accurately identify bot activity promoting synthetic content on social media.  


By deploying advanced algorithms which scale with the complex, dynamic social media environments,  our products can determine whether posted content is a product of coordinated, malicious bots.


News Organizations

Journalists can use the MediaVax credibility rating system to automatically evaluate User Generate Content (UGC) found on social media, and analyze its source.

Public Relations Firms

Public Relations firms can protect brands by continual monitoring for malicious attacks. Quick notification of a botnet attack means fast response time and preventing damage to the brand.

The General Public

The public can examine their own social media accounts to determine whether posts may be fake, originating from coordinated botnet activity.


Barbara Buchanan


  • Senior role in 2 telecom start-ups with $1b exists (Yurie Systems -telecom equipment; and SplitRock Services-national telecom network) 
  • Partner, investment firm with $500mm portfolio in telecom network technology
  • Seasoned leader with operational experience
  • Founded residential real estate development company
  •  Background in Soviet studies, expertise in methods of state-sponsored disinformation 



Our team of data scientists are highly trained from top academic institutions in the U.S. and Europe,  combining  extensive research experience with commercial product development skill sets. The team incorporates a diversity of machine learning expertise:

Analytics and Cognition

Quantitative Psychology

Computational and Applied Analytics

Advance Statistical Methods

Computer Science and Autonomous Systems


David Berkowitz

Brand SM Marketing

  • Industry leader in Brand  Marketing and Social Media strategy
  • Former Chief Strategy Officer, Sysomos
  • Serial entrepreneur with exits

Glenn Lawyer, PhD

Data Science

  • Senior researcher, Max Planck Institute of Informatics (former)
  • Created predictive modeling in epidemiology (CDC use)
  • Patented breakthrough modeling in network science

Anthony Moor

News Tech

  • Veteran journalist,  technology entrepreneur, start up advisor 
  • Partner at StoryCraft
  • Former Product Manager, Yahoo News, NerdWallet