Arming Media and Business for the fight against disinformation by rating credibility of social media posts in real time.

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We build trust in content.

Combining disinformation expertise with machine learning and predictive methods from epidemiology, MediaVax mitigates the risks posed by unreliable information.

MediaVax safeguards today's content developers and content consumers with easy-to-use tools that analyze and rate the credibility of social media content in real time.



Advanced Machine

We use complex advanced machine learning techniques developed to solve some of science’s most difficult problems: detecting types of HIV viruses, and predicting virus spread.


Prediction Methods

MediaVax uses proprietary, breakthrough network science methods, developed over years of research at the Max Planck Institute of Informatics.



Our solutions have been featured in dozens of peer reviewed publications, and recognized in leading scientific journals.


We provide content developers and content consumers with efficient and scalable models that quickly analyze and rate the credibility of social media posts.


Our user-friendly products complement manual fact checking with proactive search, building trust in content.


News Media Fact Checking

Quickly evaluate User Generated Content (UGC), accounts, and the spread of narratives to find trustworthy content.

Social Media Brand Safety

Public Relations firms can protect brands by continual monitoring for malicious attacks. Quick notification of a botnet attack means fast response time and preventing damage to the brand.


Barbara Buchanan


  • Senior role in 2 telecom start-ups with $1b exists (Yurie Systems -telecom equipment; and SplitRock Services-national telecom network) 
  • Partner, investment firm with $500mm portfolio in telecom network technology
  • Seasoned leader with operational experience
  • Founded residential real estate development company
  •  Background in Soviet studies, expertise in methods of state-sponsored disinformation 



Our team of data scientists are highly trained from top academic institutions in the U.S. and Europe,  combining  extensive research experience with commercial product development skill sets. The team incorporates a diversity of machine learning expertise:

Analytics and Cognition

Quantitative Psychology

Computational and Applied Analytics

Advance Statistical Methods

Computer Science and Autonomous Systems